Beat Knoblauch & Associates provides specialised managerial, financial and legal services to overseas corporations and individual investors seeking to establish themselves in Australia, China and other countries on the Pacific rim.

The firm was established by Beat Knoblauch lic.uir. in 1976 arising from his extensive business experience in Asia. Today the company is well-established and well-connected, with its headquarters in Sydney. It enjoys an enviable reputation, locally and throughout the region, for its capacity to understand its clients’ needs, provide expert advice, identify appropriate business opportunities for them, manage their ventures, and promote their interests.

Beat Knoblauch & Associates has acted as an advisor to two Swiss banks in Australia for many years and is a member of the International Fiduciary Company Fidinam S.A. Lugano in Switzerland. Reflecting his own standing in the business community, Beat Knoblauch was also President of the SwissCham (Swiss Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

In recent years he has also been invited by the Australian Government to deliver a number of information sessions for them in Europe to businessmen interested in investing in Australia.

Beat Knoblauch & Associates regards each of its clients as unique and will continue to offer them a high quality of personal service at all times geared to their particular needs and appropriate to the cultures and business environments in which they operate. It aims to continue to grow as a leading specialist corporate advisor, local representative and manager, hand in hand with its clients’ success.